About Me

Chorus of Body is an Istanbul based painter, known for his faceless male bodies. This past fall, part of his work was first featured in an exhibition in the UK. His other passions include photography and poetry, techniques of which he uses in his paintings. Since 2018 he continuously works on faceless bodies by using oil paint strokes to express emotions. By depicting the photos he took, then paints the bodies taken by other artists. In that way his brush erases the identity of the model by letting the viewer to inhabit it. Furthermore, the new piece of art is made on metallic cardboard in miniature size and besides being based on another piece of art, it ultimately interwines with it. In other words, the focus on his paintings is on creating bonds, the men’s bodies and their ties. Ultimately, the works together create a chorus for the intimate relationships. The dry paint waits for the viewer’s feelings of curiosity and mystery upon the models’ faceless promises.